ProcessWare ERP

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XXII FAFAI Seminar - Jaipur.   23-25 January, 2015

ProcessWare™ ERP will be exhibited and demonstrated at the Fragrance & Flavours Association of India Seminar at Stall No. 76.

F&F Industry Giant "Fuels Growth and Innovation"

S. H. Kelkar Group, valued at over INR 740 Crores, and Headquartered out of Mumbai (India) implements ProcessWare™ ERP to consolidate worldwide Pre-Sales, Projects, and Formulation Management operations.

Turkish Fragrance Leader joins our Growing Family

EPS, Headquartered in Istanbul, implements ProcessWare™ ERP to expand its reach across the globe where their creations have added a sensory experience to millions of products.

Premium-Quality F&F Creator Innovates

Excellentia International, Headquartered in Edison, NJ implements ProcessWare™ ERP to maintain a proactive approach to solving each customer's unique F&F needs.

Innov8 is pleased to announce the availability of ProcessWare™ ERP Version 10.0 software. ProcessWare™ ERP is a robust, F&F and Aroma Chemical specific integrated management solution allowing quick reaction to Market Conditions while reducing Business Risk. The end-to-end solution covers Production, Formulation (Lab), Inventory, Quality Control, Purchasing, CRM, Sales, Distribution, Accounting, and Regulatory.